A live work by Stefan Jovanović, Katye Coe and Charlie Cattrall

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This performed solo explores the single dancer, She, embodying both the power of her voice and limbs and the voice and limbs of all of her sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers. She is both the one blackbird, and also stands in for the cloud of blackbirds. However, this is not a ballet. It is a song for solitude. Dancer Katye Coe collaborates with choreographer Stefan Jovanović and filmmaker Charlie Cattrall to create a 25 minute site-adaptable performance work, exploring the materiality, aural scape and movement of the blackbird's song. The piece explores questions of invisible relations between woman and animal, as one body attempts to perform the flock of many. This is a dance-rite for the black-bird, a dance of animism and non-binary constellations.

Research & Development Sharing August 18, 2018
Royal Birmingham Conservatoire
25 minutes

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