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This story, entitled Drumming in the Hall of the Mountain, is one that has been around for millennia, taking place in the distant past, happening now as we speak, and bound to happen again in the not-too-distant future. The space between this moment in time now and that not-too-distant future is a thousand years, give or take, perhaps long enough for you to have lived your life, a younger generation theirs, and countless others too. Perhaps it will happen sooner, or perhaps it won’t happen at all, at least not to the naked eye. The story we are recounting is about endings, which will always and otherwise become someone or something else’s beginning.

On a planet from another time and space there lived a fictional humanity that failed to respond to their environmental crisis. Four supernatural mages intervene to save this planet from its death by ending humanity’s perception of time as linear. This new outdoor performance-work merges choreography, live-music, and installation-art to address one of the most pressing issues of our time, the death of our imagined future on this planet we call home.
Drumming in the Hall of the Mountain
invites you to consider what togetherness can be when we occupy space and time virtually as well as physically, horizontally one the plane of matter and vertically at the speed of light. Using contemporary digital interfaces together with archetypes and rituals, it collides realities on different levels: old and new technologies, real and virtual worlds, art audiences with passers-by, present with future time.

The production is currently in its early stages of creation, set to premiere in the summer of 2022, and always welcoming new partnering and touring support. For more information, please get in touch with Stefan Jovanović here.

Artistic Collaborators

Performers: Katye Coe, Maëva Berthelot, Ophelia Young & Shannon Stewart
Costumes by Curtis Oland
Set by Jack Hardy
Dramaturgy by Eva Martinez
Facilitation by Frank Bock
Music Composition: TBC

A special thanks to Arts Council England and Dance4 for the funding and in-kind support to date.


Sharing Dates:

12 May 2021 at Dance4, Nottingham: a live virtual gathering. Click here for more information.