Studio Stefan Jovanović / Kinship Constellations




The House of Radical Togetherness is a project about the set of relations that can exist between physical materials and human bodies. It is a place where these relations enter into conversation via movement, spoken word, drag, symbolism and communal gathering. Radical Togetherness is a queer-shamanic practice that revolves around a core of silver sculptures and silk maps, called the Tarothump Oracle; a literal and spatial translation of the Major Arcana's archetypes into a spatial constellation which invites its user/s to shift in movement, positioning, and orientation, both physically and culturally. This silver world transforms the familiar into the shonky, that is, into an aesthetics of awkwardness as pictoral archetypes lose gender and human form and become spaces of inhabitation.

The core of the project was developed at the Architectural Association in London with Samantha Hardingham and John Walter (Diploma 7).