Our Reckoning
A photographic work by Stefan Jovanović and Laima Arlauskaitė


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Our Reckoning is a photographic enquiry into the transformation of human into other, sentient-self into archetypal-self-other, spirit, creature, the possessed. What happens when the body becomes a tool for oracular divination, for phenomenological reading, for sensing? What happens when one offers their physical body to divine and interpret that para-physical longing which the rest of society is in dire need of? The photographs invite the viewer to focus on how the queer body has historically been used to fulfil these purposes. How is queer identity both marginal and fundamental within the modern milieu? This is a story about survival, where queerness continues to (re)birth itself out of necessity, without the need of a binary reproductive system, as a necessity for maintaining (socio)ecological balance. This project’s protagonist is a queer narrator that embodies the pendulum that tethers the extremities of societal norms, acting as the healer, the shaman, and the spirit-cleaner.

Middlesex Filter Beds Nature Reserve, London (UK)
May, 2023
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