Studio Stefan Jovanović / Kinship Constellations




Radical Togetherness/Constellations is a full-length dance performance, that takes place in theatre spaces and de-consecrated churches, is durational, and directly engages audiences in participation. The topic of focus is contemporary representations of male and female archetypes in family systems in Western society. It is a physical and theatrical work that challenges conventional dance-forms, such as duets and solos as well as their gendered stereotypes, through a colourful palette of rigorous movement investigation, song, drag, and symbolism. 

The dance research investigated thus far resulted in original movement and musical compositions, developed from found stories about European archetypes of Fools, Witches and hybrids such as the ancient Greek prophet Tiresias, along with their historical relationship to power and gender.

Artistic Collaborators

Performers: Roni Katz, Catye Coe, Charlie Cattrall, Pau Aran Gimeno & Sara Ruddock
Composer: Domenico Angarano
Vocalist: Bliss Carmxn

Lighting by Patrick Morris/Universal Assembly Unit
Make-up by Hamilton Stansfield
Set by Jack Hardy

Special thanks to Siobhan Davies Dance, Sadler's Wells and Arts Council England for the funding and in-kind support.  

Research & Development Showings to-date:

1 Aug 2018 at Asylum Chapel, London
11 Aug 2018 at Stone Nest, London
13 Oct 2018 at Siobhan Davies Dance Studios

Photographs by Alicia Clarke and Moad Musbahi