Radical Togetherness
A live work by Stefan Jovanović and collaborators including Bliss Carmxn, Katye Coe, Charlie Cattrall, Pau Aran Gimeno, Roni Katz, Sara Ruddock, Jack Hardy, Hamilton Stansfield and Domenico Angarano.


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Radical Togetherness is a social dance work that investigates new forms of audience-performer relationship. It sets out to challenge conventional dance-forms and their gendered stereotypes in an inviting and thoughtful manner, through a rich palette of movement, song, drag and symbolism. Imagine you are a fawn that enters the village hall cabaret, turns to one side, and vanishes. The work begins with a guided waltz through a forest, led by a pack of dogs, decked out in pagan frocks and majestic tunics. A distinctive coven of dancers, performers, multimedia artists, architects and practicing healers will host you in this dark comedy ballroom. Directly engaging you, the performers question what brings us together in the theatre in this unique way, considering the idea of who amongst us holds dominant roles, and why.

We are living in a time in need of new rituals for coming together, to affect change, to heal. It is a time to feel the intoxication of being a fool and exploring where that takes you.  It is about sacred spaces and sacred times, the re-kindling of community. It is a moment to embrace the wild nature of the human being in all of its beauty, and listen to the scream within. Audiences are welcomed to a space that is both familiar and strange, an evening of dances and rituals exploring the relationship between power and gender fluidity through an eclectic series of vignettes, featuring archetypes in Western culture of witches, fools and prophets.

Radical Togetherness was performed in three iterations, and eventually consolidated into a full-length work entitled Constellations (2019).

Part 1: Asylum Chapel, August 2018 (London, UK)
Part 2: Stone Nest, August 2018 (London, UK)
Part 3: Siobhan Davies Studios, October 2018 (London, UK)
Duration: 60 minutes


Artistic Direction: Stefan Jovanović

Artistic Collaborators & Cast
Performers: Katye Coe, Pau Aran Gimeno, Charlie Cattrall, Roni Katz and Sara Ruddock

Original Music composed by: Domenico Angarano

Set Design: Jack Hardy
Costume Design: Stefan Jovanović and collaborators
Lighting Design: Patrick Morris
Hair and Makeup: Hamilton Stansfield
Producer: Stefan Jovanović
Dramaturgy/DAS Arts Facilitation: Frank Bock
Outside Eyes: Eva Martinez, Siobhan Davies and Lauren Wright
Photography: Moad Musbahi and Alicia Clarke
Filmography: Charlie Cattrall and Jack Hardy

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Supported using public funding by Arts Council England. Supported in kind by Asylum Nest/Maverick Projects, Stone Nest, Siobhan Davies Dance, 42 Acres and Sadler’s Wells Theatre.

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