Studio Stefan Jovanović / Kinship Constellations




On March 10th, 2018, seventeen dancers, one sound artist, and one story-teller gathered for an evening of magic and archetypal story-telling. This coming together for the second edition of Velvet Fools, explored the line between a dance-performance and a somatic-based constellation ceremony. Seventeen, out of an invited twenty-one performers, were invited to take part in a recounted tale around the key figures of the 15th century Tarot’s Major Arcana. The ceremony was held through the guidance and narration of architect Stefan Jovanović, accompanied by the gong and synthesised soundscape of artist Simone Salvatici.

The structure of the evening was designed to build from silence to rave. The Meadow of Archives took place at Decima X, a former warehouse and gallery space. Audience were invited to take part in the meditation and commencement ritual as the evening progressed, as one system of relations began to affect another. The space that was generated, existed in neither past nor present-time, but in dream-time.

The following performers stepped into the constellation as representatives of the Major Arcana's 21 archetypes: Katye Coe, Charlie Morrissey, Helka Kaski, Kip Johnson, James Morgan, Stephanie McMann, Atabey Carlos Maria Romero, Alice Tatge, Anna Finkel, Bert Roman, Adriana Pegorer, Darcy Wallace, Tilly Webber, Lizzy Le Quesne, Jia-Yu Corti, Rosalie Wahlfrid-Shaw, and Fernanda Munoz-Newsome.

The ends and edges of the ceremony were held by Patricia de Souza Leão Müller, Quentin Martin, and Hamilton Stansfield.
The altar featured the latest collection of ceramic pots by artist Sean Gwee.
Make-up by Hamilton Stansfield.
The event was supported by Rebel Kitchen, Our/Vodka London, and Patrick Morris & Samantha Lee from Universal Assembly Unit.
Photographs taken by Camilla Greenwell & Moad Musbahi.